DFX-SZ 石英晶棒粘料机

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Instrument use
DFX - SZ high resolution X ray quartz crystal ingot sticking machine, through the X-ray diffraction principle, with the unique methods for quartz crystal ingot’s accurate orientation, quickly binds it up afterwards. It is the indispensable equipment for wire-cutting and processing high quality wafers. According to the needs of the production and development of piezoelectric crystal industry, our company, in order to solve the common practical problems of low adhesive precision, poor consistency, operation troubles and low efficiency, develops this high precision instrument, its unique mechanical design and control technology making it a new representative of high-precision crystal ingot sticking machine.
Adoption of PLC control technology, a high degree of automation, stepper motor drive, electronic pulse handwheel for precise control of translation and lifting, greatly improving the production efficiency.
the all-Chinese human-machine interface, 7 inches TFT touch screen, simple and clear interface, simple operation.
the unique new mechanical structure design with reasonable structure, and greatly increased stability of the system, thus ensuring the precision of measurement on adhesive and consistency.
the high stability of the amplifier circuit design, to ensure the stability of measurement
The main technical specifications and technical parameters
Item parameters
Power input ~220V,50Hz
X-ray tube anode grounding, forced air cooling
X-ray tube voltage 30KV
X-ray tube current 0~5Ma continuously adjustable
Counter tube 0~1200V continuously adjustable
adhesive precision ±10″
adhesive cut AT cut
fixed way of plate Rapid fixture
movable way of plate Stepper drive