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    X射线晶体定向仪操作简便,不需要专业知识和熟练的技术.数字显示测量角度,容易观察,减少视觉带来的读数误差.显示器可在任意角度置零,便于直读角度偏差值.提供双工位,提高了仪器的使用效率.具有峰值放大的特殊积分器,提高了检测精度.射线管与高压电缆一体化,增加了高压的可靠性.计数管高压采用D高压模块.真空吸气样品板,提高了测角精度与测量速度. 我公司是生产射线晶体定向仪器的专业企业,推出的DFX系列晶体定向仪采用了先进的生产工艺及元器件,使可靠性和效率都
    电    源:单相交流220V,50Hz, 容量0.5kKW
    其    它:有良好的接地装置,接地电阻不大于4Ω,供电回路中不得有电焊机,高频炉等设备的高频和电弧干扰
项 目 参 数
电源输入 单相交流220V、50Hz 、容量0.5KW
X射线管 铜靶、阳极接地、风机强迫冷却
管 电压 30 KVP、全压合闸
管 电流 0--5mA、连续可调
综合精度 ±30″
操作方式 手 动
狭 缝 4′  5′  6′
角度显示 θ:以度、分、秒显示;最小读数10″
测角范围 2θ角:-10~­­120°;θ角:-10~­­60°
角度调整 数字显示可预置在任意角度
峰值显示 射线强度表(µA表)
计 数 管 盖革计数管、电压DC700—1200V
时间常数 0.1、0.4、3、秒;3档可调
保 护 高压连锁、温度保护
外型尺寸 1140长x650宽x1030高mm
重 量 200 kG
DFX-2 Type X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument
The type DFX-2 type X-ray orientation instrument uses X-ray diffraction principle, precisely fast determines natural and the man-made unit crystal (piezoelectric crystal, optics crystal, laser crystal, semiconducting crystal) cuts the angle, necessary may use in the above crystal direction detection with the cutter to cut, is the precise processing manufacture crystal component essential instrument This instrument widely applies to the crystal material research, the processing, the manufacture profession
The our company is the beam instrument specialized production unit, promotes the DFX series crystal direction finder has used the advanced production craft and the component, improved the operational performance, caused the reliability and the use efficiency all obtained the enhancement The our company in line with all the principle which serves for the user, promotes each kind of angular instrument series, can satisfy each kind of crystal production enterprise the demand, and may be special according to the user needs to carry on the design and the processing, by most greatly satisfies the user the production need. The DFX series crystal direction finder characteristic operation is simple, does not need the specialized knowledge and the skilled technology. Has special integrator which the peak value enlarges, increased the examination precision.
The digital demonstration survey angle, is easy to observe. The ray tube and the high tension cable integration, increased the high-pressured reliability. The monitor may in the free angle , be advantageous for straight reads the angle deviation amount. The counter tube high pressure uses the DC high pressure module. The double angular instrument provides the double location, enhanced the instrument use efficiency. The vacuum inspiration sample board, increased the take a bearing precision and the survey speed.
Technical specification
Power 220V,50Hz,0.5KV
Ray tube Copper target, anode earth, force forced-air cooling
Tube voltage 30KVP entire pressure
Tube electric current 0-5mAContinuously may move
Comprehensive precision Is not lower than-+30″(Monochromator-+15″
Angle demonstration By minutes and seconds demonstration,Smallest reading10″(1″)
Take a bearing scope θ:-10-100  2θ:-10-60
Counter tube Geiger counter tube
Time-constant Minute 0.1, 0.4, 3 seconds third gear
Protection High pressure chain-like, temperature protection
Slit 4′、5′、6