SQF-01C 全自动石英晶片角度分选机(振动上料))

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SQF-01C type full-automatic wafer angle sorting machine
9、 角度扫描采用进口伺服电机,较步进电机具有精度高、运行平稳、无丢步现象等。
10、独特的下料分选装置,落差低,晶片平稳滑落,有效降低了晶片破损率。分档准确率   100%。
13、安全防护:自动光闸(仅在测片时开启),X光箱仓门保护,X光管温度保护,防X射线和防尘的     金属罩壳防护。
1、  晶片规格要求: X向:6~33mm Z向:8~26mm
2、  分选速度:1000片左右/小时
3、  静态重复测量精度:≤±3”,标准偏差≤1”
4、  角度显示:最小读数:1”,可3°和35°显示自由切换
5、  分选档数:15档(包括+超差、-超差和NG)
6、  分选跨度:1~30”任意设置
7、  角度分选范围(MAX):±3’
8、  高压电源:管电压:0~-30kV连续可调,管电流:0~2mA连续可调
9、 X射线管:阳极接地,风冷却
12、输入气源:0.5~0.7MPa,100L/Min 洁净压缩空气

SQF-01C type full-automatic wafer angle sorting machine
SQF-01C type full-automatic wafer angle sorting machine, through the X-ray diffraction principle, uses the modern high-tech means to achieve automatic and accurate rapid measurement and sorting of quartz wafer angle. It Is the indispensable testing equipment for processing high quality quartz crystal components . To meet the needs for the piezoelectric crystal industry’s production and development, SQF-01C type full-automatic wafer angle sorting machine comes from independent research and development, the only domestic product of high precision and analysis instruments, for automatic wafer angle measurement.
1,very low failure rate, strong anti-jamming capability, excellent system stability.
2, the all-Chinese human-computer interface, 10 inches TFT touch screen, simple and clear interface, simple operation.
3, highly stabled high voltage power supply, to ensure a stable output ray.
4, using vibratory feeding , eliminate the artificial cause of secondary pollution, greatly reduce the human efforts, to achieve multiple operation.
5, automatic identification for chip direction, original four-direction scanning, square chip is also discernible, shifts through chips of different thickness without resetting amplifier with an extremely high accuracy.
6, a new three-point test platform, platform design ensures the wafer measuring precision.
7, system with management and statistical functions, applicable to the production process, the data can be stored in U disk and the native storage, or be printed out.
8, mechanical reinforcing design with reasonable structure, stable performance, easy maintenance and the accuracy of measurement.
9, scanning angle of imported servo motor, the stepper motor with high accuracy, smooth operation, no non-synchronized phenomenon, etc.
10, unique blanking separation device, low head, smooth slide for wafers, effectively reducing the chip breakage rates, grading accuracy of 100%.
11, high stability of the amplifier circuit design, which solves the phenomenon of zero drift.
12, the adoption of imported LED acousto-optic alarms, offering real-time monitoring and necessary hints at fault.
13, security protection, automatic optical shutter (only open in the test), X-ray gate protection, the X-ray tube temperature protection, mental shelter against X rays and dust.
14, automatically boot preheating, automatic delaying shutdown, effectively protection of the X-ray tube for long service life.
The main technical specifications and parameters
1、The wafer specifications:The X direction:6~33mm, Z direction:10~26mm,
2、Sorting speed:1000piece/hour
3、Static accuracy:≤±3”,standard deviation:≤1”
4、Angle shows:3°or 35°,least count:1”
6、Sorting span:1~30″Arbitrary setting
7、Sorting range(max): ±3’
8、Tube voltage: 0~-25kV, Continuously adjustableTube current: 0~2mA, Continuously adjustable
9、X-ray tube: Anode grounding, The wind cooling
10、Counter tube high pressure:0~1100V, Continuously adjustable
11、Input power: :~220V±10%,50Hz,2A
12、Input souce: 0.5~0.7MPa,100L/Min,Clean compressed air
13、Environmental requirements:Temperature: 18~28℃(change≤±3℃)
14、Power dissipation: <500W
15、External printer:Support for multiple printers
16、Size: L(1110mm)×W(760mm)×H(1660mm)
17、Total weight:400KG